The aim is to prevent sexualized violence against and among children, adolescents and adults.

The main principles of our work are sustainability, commitment and helping people to help themselves.


The protection against sexualized violence includes prevention work at different levels:

Qualification and training of adults, workshops for children, adolescents and men and women with disabilities as well as the public discussion of the issue are intended to reduce the acceptance of sexualized violence and stop treating it as a taboo. These measures should emphasize backgrounds and causes of sexualized violence and prevent its occurrence (“primary prevention”)

Victim and offender prevention are here equally important.

By receiving informing and training pedagogues, parents and legal guardians are empowered to act in suspected cases. They are able to recognize sexualized violence and act accordingly ("secondary prevention").

To ensure the effectiveness, we regularly evaluate our programs and consider up to date findings and research results.


Pedagogues & Parents
Children & Adolescents
Women & Men with Disabilities